Sunday, January 7, 2007

GMC Madness

Although I am a Consultant Psychiatrist I have now received no less than eight demands to undergo psychiatric examinations from General Medical Council (GMC) in London. I have never had mental illness in my whole life. My friends, my family, professional colleagues (psychiatrists, psychologist, nurses, managers and others) do not think I have any mental health problems at all. It would appear that the only thing that is necessary for this to occur is to be critical of some professional practice. In 1999 I objected to the wearing of religious uniform by social worker who worked with mentally ill. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses do not wear white coats or nursing uniforms as it creates barrier to trust. Wearing of uniforms in the psychiatric setting is associated with poorer compliance with treatment, more violence, and more self-harm. Although, I raised these issues through the usual channels, I was ignored and after I went to the press I have been subjected to the continuous harassment. The Medical Director of the hospital where I worked and to whom I initially complained about the social worker became a member of GMC Fitness to Practice Panelists!!! He ignored my concerns about the religious uniforms. Naturally, ever since GMC has stood by what is wrong and against Human Rights. Patients are less important than a member of GMC. I had no deaths while I worked in that hospital by the way. GMC referrals to psychiatrists are completely unnecessary and inappropriate way of dealing with political issues such as those raised by me. The only thing that is necessary to excite GMC is for some people to issinuate that a person is mad for the whole process to start with devastating consequances for the patients and a doctor. Diagnostic criteria such as DSM IVR or ICD10 are completely ignored by some of GMC Expert Witnesses. If witnesses contradict each other and themselves that appears to be acceptable to biased FTP.


Dr No said...

Congratulations on speaking out against the GMC.

Anonymous said...


Lots of doctors need to speak out about the GMC.


Anonymous said...

Hello Helen

I've recently became aware of your story and was just wondering if you have approached National Secular Association or the Humanist Association? There is also Richard Dawkins Foundation and his website; brilliant forum for sharing your experiences and getting lots of advice very quickly. Dawkins often visits and could possible raise your profile/case.

Fellow bright (aka freethinker)

Anonymous said...

Would just like to know why the authorities in Northern Ireland put a red marker agaisnt your name.
You seem to cause trouble where ever you are employed

Dr Helen Bright said...

Fear and Opportunity ref NI Alert Letter.
Opportunity: about two months after I left daughter of one of my patients told Chief Executive that I objected to Catholic nun, employed by Harrow Social Services wearing her religious uniform when working with mentally ill.
Fear: Her mother died two months after I no longer worked there within 24h of admission to a hospital. I was asked by management to attend audit into her death but when I asked for the photocpies of the notes and charts this was refused. THere were people who did not want me to find out what really happened to the patient. However, I did find out from Coroner's Office she was prescribed a drug which was contraindicated in her case as she already had a history of heart attack. I found police helpful and they were willing to help with investigations, but GMC was not interested. They wanted to hang me anyway as I criticised them for religiously biased tribunals and Human Rights abuses.
It is true I had suffered a lot of pain. Not all places I worked in were bad and even in bad places there are good people. Without the co-operation of staff it would not have been possible to achieve everything that was done in NI.
It is good people who get mobbed. Please, read more articles on this blog on mobbing and click on links to find more.

Anonymous said...

I had nerver heard of mobbing until it happened to someone very close to me. It is very difficult to explain the impact it can have. Mobbing is real in the UK NHS