Friday, January 30, 2009

Spookesperson and exorcism at Derby City General Hospital

Derby City General Hospital is clearly very short of psychiatrists! How do I regret not working there now when they are having so much fun! Is the managment spooked by Department of Health breathing down their neck because they know the world is having a good laugh at National Haunted Service? It is clear managers deny they were planning to call exorcist. Poor things. Surely, at least one manager was trying her best in the play field of superstitious diversity ever so popular in British politics. Who is afraid of their own shadows disappearing into the walls when walking near the morgue? I have spoken with Derby City General Hospital spooksperson who told me things have been blown out of proportion by the press today and there would be no exorcism taking place to get rid of the ghost. When I asked who saw the ghost I was told two staff working in medical records. Must be the most boring job around. Is it possible that out of some sensory deprivation things were seen? Or is it a revenge on other staff for having been asked too many times to chase the medical notes which are as hard to find as ghosts are? I suggested that Human Resources could be involved rather than a priest. This reminds me of times on call when I was a junior doctor and someone played a practical joke on me bleeped me on my pager and gave a telephone number from the morgue for me to call back. Of course, nobody was answering at 3 am. I rang the hospital switchboard to find who called me as a matter of emergency, but was not answering my call. I was told it was hospital morgue number and nobody was there. It was annoying when I was trying to sleep, but funny the next day.

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Henry North London said...

I like this one Helen I even laughed when it came up on the radio as I traveled to my job interview

I have the curse of the GMC hanging over me like a bad smell, I get asked about it in all my interviews, and I see their eyes grow wide, and my chances of getting a job grow smaller by the minute.

I have a seven day witch trial in the ninth month of this year