Monday, March 23, 2009


Medical and legal profession have been described as conformist and enemies of people. One example of conformity in psychiatry abuse is found along religious principles of prejudice and dogma. Atheists, free spirits, those with critical thinking, and many other social groups meet covert rejection on daily basis. Treatment is withdrawn without patient even knowing. One way of doing it is to label difficult people as personality disordered and untreatable. This I have seen most often in those who suffered traumatic experiences in childhood. Many such cases raise questions as why these things happen in human society and may require change in therapist too in terms of their attitudes.
If the majority of those professionals are educated in religious schools it is an uphill struggle for social reformers in psychiatry to be both heard and accepted. One can lobby politicians successfully as I have done in the past but the resistance these politicians encounter is formidable and right from the top of the medical profession.
Another group of hated patients are drug addicts and alcoholics. This group also presents with social problems frequently and traumas in the past. They have been labeled as personality disordered even when they are not. It is true that trauma can change some aspects of personality even in maladaptive ways. However, the judgmental attitudes some people with alcohol and drug addiction receive is wrong, as well as the plugging of higher power in their treatment.
Above is an example of greeting some of us will never return.

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