Friday, May 29, 2009


General Medical Council like other British institutions practice discrimination. FOR EXAMPLE by expecting by law only Freemasons to declare their affiliation but members of religions are allowed to secretly cause havoc. And they do. Big time. Well, if I was elected I would make sure there is fairness for all. After all, religion to many people means no more than belonging to a social group. Freemasonry has aims of brotherly love (meaning respect and care for other irrespective of their religion or lack of it), charity and truth (that is integrity in action). Freemasons do not regard themselves as religion but as subscribers to a moral code. Look at this eugenics poster about Freemasons: I wish truth was valued at GMC. My experience has been that it is not. Not many people know for example that six pointed star has been a symbol of truth in ancient Sumeria (today Iraq) and that it was imported to what is today's Israel. It was placed on the doors of Solomon's Temple where justice was administered. Too many people think of it as a symbol of Jewish faith only. Some Freemasons lodges (women's) have inverted five pointed star which is also a very ancient symbol of the goddess called Ceres. She has been for thousands of years a goddess of knowledge, motherly love, agriculture and her symbol was also an apple. When an apple is cut through equator a five pointed star is seen. Unfortunately, for Gypsies who cut their apples in that way, it meant death as in dark ages they were accused by Christians of worshiping the Evil when a five pointed star appeared to them symbol of witches feet. Knowledge became symbol of evil in Christianity. Something to be avoided. At GMC truth is still avoided. There is a culture of secrecy. (The word cereals probably originated from the same linguistic root from goddess Ceres as does the word core (apple core) as another names for Ceres was Kor). Freemasons have their websites like this one, presumably trying to dispel the myths about secrecy:

During the second world war Jews, Serbs and Gypsies were killed in Nazi concentration camps. I mention this here because of apples being symbols in all three ethnic/religious cultural groups as something to do with respect for knowledge.

I find it fascinating how ancient symbol of apple and its association with women is found amongst Serbs even today. At traditional Serbian wedding bride takes an apple and presses some coins into it the night before the wedding. At the wedding she turns her back to the guests and throws the apple for men to try to catch. Man who catches it is the first to get married next, so they say.Thus again there it is an apple a symbol of knowledge of who is getting married next.

Cut apple through equator can seem like a flower with five petals to some and maybe that is why in some cultures it is a bouquet of flowers which bride throws to her bridesmaids. Again, it is used as a symbol of "knowing" who will be the next bride.

Old Slavs had several gods including one called Svetovid (Holysight) or God of Justice which is not the same thing as law, of course. In some cultures symbol of justice is not to see. Exact opposite, superficially. However, in both cases it is as if something extraordinary is required.

Freemasons experienced persecution for centuries and Catholic church was openly hostile for hundreds of years. Pope Pius condemned it as sects from which synagogue of Satan is formed. Freemasons accept people of all religions even those who do not believe in God as some religions are godless and yes, it includes Catholics if they accept the moral code. Of course, Catholic church prefers money to be given to them rather than to masonic charities. Business competition, I call it.

What a coincidence that it is during the "reign" of a Catholic Prime Minister Mr Anthony Blair that legislation was introduced that Freemasons have to declare themselves in public life, but he, Mr Blair kept his true religion secret until his premiership ended. Nice to be safe, isn't it, Mr Blair. A bit selfish too, as you did not care much about the safety of others.


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