Monday, May 25, 2009


In India it is recognized that older women are more likely to be witch hunted. Watch this woman's beaten up face: In medical profession in UK the older doctor gets the more likely is persecution, the risk increased by 400%. Women are twice as likely to be accused of poor health and behavioural problems: It would appear General Medical Council does not have a strategy to deal with this and is unaware that witch means a wise woman in old Scottish. And they burned lots of witches there.

Today panic stricken managers rather than responding to challenging problems with team spirit can respond with ganging and mobbing.

As the rate of attacks shows a degree of variability it would be interesting to see how it varies with changes in politics, for example. Is there a pattern? I would imagine so. One would expect different types of doctors to be attacked in keeping what people think they can get away with. Complex social and political interplay with medical advances combined would be a classic cocktail for persecution.

Read this paper on mobbing:

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