Friday, June 19, 2009


Is there something wrong with my memory or am I right in remembering that it was Chief Medical Officer who made public announcement that there should be a report written and sent to GMC every time a locum finished his contract. As far as I know Dr Shipman was not a locum. Many foreign doctors had their careers ruined by mobbers. Watch this: Is there something in professional conduct and Human Rights about discrimination? This is what you worked out without translation (by Elsabelotodo): its called "Hasta Manana" and its from Vakeroits about a dude thats poor in DR, he got a girl and a kid, and he's tryin' to better himself for the future of his small kid and his girl...the chorus goes:Hasta mana~na negra linda... (See you tomorrow my beautiful black girl...)me voy pa la calle... (Im goin' to the streets...)a trabajar duro... ( to work real hard)pa la comida yo buscarte (to put food on the table, literally "to get food for you)and he's talkin' bout workin' and just wanting to come home and kick it with his son and wife...then at the end, he's chillin' singin' this...Pronto vamos a dejar (soon we gonna stop...)de vivir parte atras (living in the back!)de vivir parte atra (living in the back!)te lo prometo mama (this i promise you mama! or (baby))

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Might have been due to that pathologist locum 70 plus year old that the DOH and GMC clamps down. Do you know where this directive is. Fascinating