Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Children who were bullied later on are more prone to depression, psychosis and violence: http://parenting.ygoy.com/2009/05/11/bullied-children-more-likely-to-develop-psychotic-symptoms/ The obvious implication is that there would be some doctors who when treated badly by managers or other staff can react in a way that might cause a surprise or two. This can be followed by misconduct charges before GMC. I wonder if General Medical Council is aware that there is something in the great numbers of foreign doctors who find themselves before GMC. It seems to me that what one is seeing is continuous harassment and bullying of doctors who are easier targets. What about prevention? http://www.personneltoday.com/articles/2008/06/27/46480/nhs-bullying-film-aims-to-help-health-service-staff-identify-problems-earlier.html There is also Doctors' SupportLine: http://www.dsn.org.uk/

You can write to them if you wish as they are collecting data on where things went wrong in order to send it to GMC. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Why is it that bullies are not referred for psychiatric/psychotherapeutic treatment when their problems are life-long. Here is an interesting article on paranoia in bullies:


But we do know that not all bullies appear to be loosers.

It made me wonder if bullies are attention seeking from a parental figure such as GMC. So, please, GMC give them attention they did not get. It is high time.

While victims are referred for psychiatric assessments by GMC the bullies are left to cause more and more damage and people do die because of that. What about the poor tax payer who pays and pays while paranoid bullies get no treatment whatsoever. Surely, there must be some brave people out there in this country who can take on this work. In fact, doctors do pay GMC to take on this work, at least by asking for this to be done. Bullies should have conditions placed on their registration so that they must undergo psychological/psychiatric treatment.

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