Friday, June 19, 2009


Mobbing is conduct by a group of employees, which if done by an individual would be stigmatised as "picking on" or bullying wrote Mr Roderick Ramage, solicitor in November 1996. So why is it that GMC and High Court continue to turn a blind eye to this mobbing phenomenon? One possible reason is that it is easier to join in and be on the kill so to speak. It is primitive and destructive instinct referred to by psychoanalysts as "death instinct". Read about Death drive here: In modern society punishment for physical violence is severe. Thus we have more psychological punishment for the offenders: e. g. design of prisons made to depress the inmates, lack of freedom and other means of psychological punishment. Medical establishment fails to recognize the process of mobbing (punishment of doctors by doctors). Who gets mobbed? Here are the classes: 1. Most capable doctors eg Over-qualified, the brightest 2. Perceived as Burdensome individuals (eg doctors who may have mental illness, physical illness, doctors with high standards, those requiring extra thinking from their colleagues like doctors performing treatments which are pioneering and controversial eg for transsexuals, IVF, drug addiction, rape victims, against religious dogma) 3. Those on the wrong side (eg on the side of the patient rather than the team member who made errors or medical establishment) 4. Extreme Personality Traits (too honest, too thorough, too energetic, very interested in work) 5. Isolated doctors (foreigners and locums) 6. Liked people (eg attractive, talented, making more money in private practice than the mobbers) 7. Temporarily weakened people (eg tainted by complaints to GMC) 8. Less "effective" people 9. Sensitive People 10. Those with negative self regard Read these: Lawyers article on mobbing: In the extreme mobbing kills the attacked individual (stress can kill) and can have severe effect on family and friends.

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