Thursday, June 18, 2009


Many people became disillusioned with official media for various reasons and Internet technology meant that the new form of journalism became possible. It appears large scale media is paying the price for sycophantic relationship with some political powers and now there is a war against bloggers. Times took one to court and won. Who is the owner of Times? Mr Rupert Murdoch. Watch this video on his war on journalism allegedly by Mr Murdoch. Here one of his journalist complaints he was asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and when he refused he had problem with references later on. Doctors would know of this problem in medicine. You can kill patients and GMC will continue to protect you as well as the coroners office. The NHS trust will happily destroy the doctor (or any other member of staff) who knows the truth if they think there is a possibility of disclosure (eg to a bereaved relative) with full participation of GMC in the persecution of the innocent party. I know it only too well, because it happened to me. Anyway watch this video "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" by clicking on link below: Who recently managed to get a police officer a warning because he was a blogger? Mr Rupert Murdoch through Times and High Court Judge Eady and what was written by the blogger, presumably did matter in this combination. Read this well researched article by Dr Rita Pal: Fascinating to see the equivalent of a civil war unfolding: media vs media. Here:

and reported here:

Legal system hanged the person they considered a traitor just like GMC hangs medical whistleblowers. I think they call this abuse of power in other countries.

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