Thursday, August 13, 2009


When I was a medical student I learned that there are certain qualities required of psychiatrists such as sensitivity and open mind.
This is not what the General Medical Council Fitness to Practice Panel filled with Christian righteous would respect or protect.
Patients who have suffered abuse from clergy have been exposed to unnecessary reminders of their trauma (eg when faced with a Mother Superior as their social worker in Harrow and other places) thus increasing their suffering.
Doctor who tried to protect them has been subjected to ten years of humiliations by the bullies in NHS who have full rights of audience at GMC.
Watch this music video by Pink Floyd:
British Medical Association could not care less about all the mentally ill people who committed suicide while they slept comfortably.
Nice web page done on Human Rights and BMA:

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Anonymous said...

Suicides in the GMC are at its highest. I believe Blake Dobson aka Dobbin attempts to play this down.