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There are people who are unwilling to look at their conflicting drives such as creation and destruction. Creation of God and Satan has something to do with the removal of these attributes from the true human nature to supernatural creatures. God and Satan become the carriers of the very human characteristics. God is male, can be destructive according to the Bible but does not have to answer for it. This is an attractive set of ideas to some people. Satan is disobedient of God's authority, I am told, and is also male. This also an attractive idea to some people. It is almost as if it is inconceivable that women could have mind of their own. In fact, the General Medical Council orders psychiatric examinations of whistle blowers who are also women. The origin of the image of Satan with horns is from the scapegoats, goats burned as sacrifice for the sins of the chieftains or anybody else when this becomes possible. Afterall, not everybody could afford it.
Whistle blowers have become scapegoats transmuted into Satan in today's medical world of the General Medical Council.
Both creativity and destructiveness can occur at different times in the same person, including doctors. This has not been recognized by the General Medical Council ie that it still bows to the religious doctors preferences and allows them to destroy the livelihood of doctors they judge at the Fitness to Practice hearings.
The rebel is always guilty in the eyes of the General Medical Council. Dissent is not allowed. Male authority must prevail.
Watch this video on Satan and God:
The General Medical Council, in my opinion behaves like an authority commanding respect even when it has wronged others. For example, there is no correcting of their mistakes when they realize that conditions imposed on doctors practice were unreasonable.
At the General Medical Council there is persistent use of the religious books, for example. Why use religious books at the General Medical Council ? Could it be something to do with the maintenance of the status quo and the interests of the establishment?
Why not ask witnesses at the Fitness to Practice hearings to affirm that they would tell the truth? Why use swearing on religious books? Why the need to use either? Surely, the General Medical Council could just order witnesses to tell the truth. Yes, that is possible. Not that some people will ever tell the truth. We all know that.

Most current religions are patriarchal and in keeping with that tradition the General Medical Council never had a woman President. In 151 years since it was formed medical profession was unable to do it. So insecure is the medical man in his own ability to cope with female authority.

My impression gained from my own experiences at the General Medical Council is that there is no respect for women having the authority in their work.

There has been relentless pursuit to discredit the whistle blowers ie those who are not subservient to the higher authority (men's values) whatever the cost in terms of human lives. So, whistle blowers are like Satan and the General Medical Council is like God. Really, simple to start with until we realize that some whistle blowers are women. Why is it that Satan could not be a woman? Well, presumably because in male psyche a woman is really there to love men, was created by God and God does not make mistakes.

But what happens if men get raped by other men? Which authority should deal with that female or male? Does it matter and if it does why does it matter?
Well, this is the issue that the General Medical Council never wanted to hear about it. One obvious reason is that idealized image of men and clergy has to be maintained in order to maintain general trust in male authority. But, when mentally ill patients committed suicide after their whisltleblowing doctor was dismissed this never mattered to the General Medical Council. Nobody asked any questions of the Medical Director who brought vexatious complaints to the GMC. This same doctor is now at both the GMC and the Council for Social Care. Rather than dealing with the abuse of power the GMC allowed it to get worse and worse.
So is it really true that there are no female devils in mythology? No it is not.
There are a number of female devils. One is called Mania, an Ethruscan Devil or Goddess of Hell.
Today, it would appear, that in primitive human psyche of some medical doctors and some staff at the General Medical Council, a female whistle blower is seen as coming from hell and is manic ie mad in Greek sense of the word.
Another very interesting one for medicine is Sekhmet, Egyptian goddess whose name means "she who is powerful". You will not find any of her statues in British Medical establishments, as far as I know, but she was so much revered by Amenhotep, Egyptian Pharaoh that he had 730 statues of Sekhmet.
In mythology, she is the Goddess who wears Sun on her head, scorches her enemies, brings both disease upon people and cure and is the Divine administrator of justice.
Her head is that of lioness, because the Egyptians recognized her as the most powerful hunter.
The sun symbol on her head became the halo of Christian saints and the snake around her is often seen on medical logos even today.

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