Friday, November 6, 2009


I noticed less fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night. Maybe it is because of recession, maybe it is something else. I do not know. Guy Fawkes was the man who was involved in attempting to blow up the Parliament in protest against the oppression of catholics. He was betrayed, caught leaving the rented cellar underneath the House of Lords where huge amount of explosives was found. Although sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered he actually committed suicide by jumping off the gallows before he could be hanged. He broke his own neck and died. What I find fascinating about today and celebration of his arrest is the limitation of freedom that still exists in UK today. Public institutions are still unfair and cannot be fair to all religions. The only way to have justice for all is to have a secular society. Religion should be relegated to the private lives of UK citizens. The obvious thing is that most people would agree with that, but the Parliament remains backward, at least one step behind what happens in the society. Many countries are already secular and have prospered because of that. There are progressive people in Parliament who would support secular state and there maybe more in the future.

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