Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter, It's Spring again

I was amused by one of the blogs calling themselves feminist theologian. Oops! Feminism is not about propagating patriarchal fantasies with women writing to support it even if one writes about women in those fantasies.
London feminist free thinkers had this to say this year about Easter: "Let us reclaim 'Easter' named after various European goddesses, not about a man on a cross, but about the celebration of the Spring Solstice - a folk festival of warmth, light, women and fertility, a few drinks and eats perhaps to make the evening go with a swing. We still have the relics - flowers, chocolate eggs and rabbits. Let's remind everyone that it is only a religious 'celebration of a crucifixion' to Christians." Women remain repressed and not celebrated enough in the world still oppressive to them in many way and in many state institutions. Easter is a name given to festivals marking the change of seasons on planet Earth, where many confused and ignorant people have lived for a long time. In the last couple of thousands of years patriarchal religions made out of it a fantasy of supernatural resuscitation. I wonder how things would be if male fertility was not so obscure to people for such a long time and if it was celebrated equally from the start.
If you would like to know the science of how to calculate when Easter should be read here.
Elephant in the Room video here.

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