Friday, May 7, 2010

Cardinal Ratzinger slaps reporter on hand

Cardinal Ratzinger also known to US Judge Rosenthal as mere: "defendant Joseph Ratzinger" was in charge of Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (aka Inquisition) whose duty was to deal with allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy. Click here to see Cardinal Ratzinger being interviewed by a reporter on child abuse you can see him slapping reporters hand when asked awkward questions.
Judge Rosenthal (23-6-2005) ordered defendant Joseph Ratzinger to file a report why he claims diplomatic immunity in cases of child abuse by clergy in USA when he knew of the allegations being made about abusive priests.
In August 2005, Ms Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State intervened in her letter to Assistant Attorney General to obtain prompt dismissal of the view of the significant foreign policy implications of such an action against the Head of foreign state."
The proceedings were dismissed.
Mr Geoffrey Robertson QC wrote an article stating that there is no immunity that could protect Pope from International Criminal Court. Quite right, from my reading of Rome Statute Articles 4(2) and 7(1)g in particular.
Interestingly, Pope Benedict XVI (previously Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) father was a police officer. Here is a rare study on psychology of children whose fathers were police officers.
One group of offspring were desribed as having addictions.
Some regard religion as a form of addiction in that it is used to alter emotional state, leads to tolerance for religious practices and the need for increased doses, ritualized behaviour and pain on withdrawal. Addictions can lead to social difficulties and problems with the law.

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