Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ms Nadia Eweida wins her case in European Court of Human Rights

Nadia Eweida
 Updated 20-2-2013
Ms Nadia Eweida was wearing a Christian cross which British Airways not surprisingly objected to. She had difficulties at work because of her employers objections and lost her case at the Employment Tribunal when she appealed to them.

Political pressure meant that British Airways changed their dress code and Ms Nadia Eweida won her case in the European Court of Human Rights.

This is a fair judgement from the European Court of Human Rights and there is much to be learned from it. One is the value of commitment.

Repeatedly, in UK it has been hard to get justice and the right balance between religious rights and that of the need of the company. When there is uniform to be worn additional symbols be it religious or non-religious do not look good generally, fashion wise.

However, there are jobs where a member of staff does not have to wear a uniform, maybe an office job away from public gaze.

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