Sunday, February 1, 2009

UFO, GMC and Royal College of Psychiatrists

Recently there have been more sightings of UFOs in UK . I guess, our respected medical organisations are now eagerly working on integrating all UFO religions in their policies and protocols in the holy spirit of equality and diversity. Click here for UFO religions: The Royal College of Psychiatrists could be busy doing an over subscribed seminar" How to keep calm on UFO approach-Meditation Techniques for NHS consultants". The Royal College of Psychiatrists' Spirituality Special Interest Group would be leading the way with the president and the Chief Executive shaking hands with green men after the meeting. Although, described as slimy experience it is pleasant just like sex. There could be wonderful green catering (from the royal duchy) for wonderful green men. GMC would consider major changes to keep up with these developments and spend more of our cash on PR make over: Green Medical Council with a slogan: "Fit for Today, Fit for Tomorrow, Flying to new heights with our new partners from outer space". Witnesses at Green Medical Council Fitness to Practice Hearings will be sworn in on Green Intergalactic Bubble. Press the right button and you will be transported to the planet of justice, from which you will never want to return, so sweet your experience will be (and GMC's who could prefer reading my blog one day). I live close to a military airport, sea and river on UK east coast, a perfect place to attract UFOs, Ge a Russian Flying Saucer. Many witnesses have reported seeing UFOs in the last couple of months. Read this about UFO trade exchange between Russians and USA: If you think about it, any object, even if it was a square object spinning fast in the air it would look round to us. So, it is very likely that Russian Flying Saucers has been flying over Europe even in daylight for many years. I remember reading that when the Second World War ended German scientists working on flying saucers were divided and about a half went to Russia and another half to work in USA. Thus, USA has its own engineers to make their UFOs, but Russians were the first to sell theirs on international trade fair. If you wish to make your own UFO, here is a place to start with some American designers: Yes, I can see members of our beloved institutions flat on the ground as you hover your UFO above their garden party on some annual conference: "Interfaith working, we kiss you all!"

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