Monday, March 9, 2009

General Medical Council, UK and Antigua

In late 1990's Jonathan Winer, Washington based lawyer warned Antigua regulatory body about Stanford Bank dealings. Stanford followed that by sending his consultants and lawyers to Antigua's bank regulatory agency "to carry out a clean up" of suspect banks. Conflict of interest was overlooked. In 2003 it was alleged that Stanford was operating an illegal Ponzi scheme, but only recently investigations into allegations of 9 billion dollars alleged fraud are taking place. Why such a delay? No need to go abroad to understand this. We have our own General Medical Council to see exactly the same thing happening all the time. Medical consultants are given positions on Fitness to Practice Panel to sort failing doctors after allegations are made about them and are in public domain for some time. In 1999, I accused Dr Peter Jefferys of harassment through Evening Standard newspaper but General Medical Council gave him the job to sit as a panellist in 2001, I think. Thus the standards in UK are as low as in a developing country such as Antigua. Maybe, even lower. Maybe, we should keep an open mind about it. I had no deaths when I worked at Northwick Park Hospital where Dr Peter Jefferys was a Medical Director, but after I was dismissed suicide rate went up. General Medical Council continues to protect him. After I was dismissed I received letters from Northwick Park Hospital alleging that patients died under my care and requesting that I write reports for the coroner about these patients. When I pointed out that I was dismissed before these patients died, I received a telephone call from one of the consultants asking me to write reports because I knew patients better. So why was I dismissed when I knew patients better? The answer is obvious: because I did know them better. I objected to the wearing of religious uniforms in mental health setting like most patients would have done given the choice. General Medical Council is removed from the motto; "Patients come first" as much as I am now removed from medicine. Like other whistle blowers I found British courts useless and nothing more than institutions that abuse their power. Sometimes I wonder how many people who knifed me got promoted within state institutions. A dozen, more?

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