Monday, March 9, 2009

"Hanging Judges" at General Medical Council, paranoia genetics, abuse of psychiatry. Written by Dr Helen Bright

Have you heard of a Hanging Judge Jeffreys who was Chief Justice during James II reign. See his portrait on the right. James II was the last Catholic King of England. Do you think it possible that there could be any descendants/relatives amongst General Medical Council Fitness to Practice Panelists? Do you have any evidence? Direct surviving descendents of Judge Jeffreys would be from his daughters and have different surnames, presumably. Descendents from his male relatives would have same or similar surnames. There are many spellings of this name Jeffreys (thought to mean God's peace). In the past even father and son could have spelt their name differently. Apparently, in order to escape persecution after the notorious Judge was imprisoned in Tower of London his relatives escaped into Catholic monasteries for their own protection. Perhaps, Jeffreys have some kind of debt to repay to Catholic Church even if some may call themselves atheists today. We know that government governs by appointing its own people into institutions. The legacy of ex prime minister. ex-closet Catholic would be felt in medical institutions too. How many doctors had to be "hanged" at GMC for religious reasons? Perhaps any doctor who got angry eg with NHS inadequacies must be found guilty and therefore punished. Anger is a sin, is it not according to some religious book still published today and used at GMC. Interestingly, some forms of paranoia have genetic element to it. GMC certainly would be vulnerable to all sorts of paranoid people becoming panelists as preoccupation with justice without consideration for the feelings of others is one of the coping mechanisms for paranoid individuals. But neither GMC nor British Courts screen their judges for paranoia or other mental illness as far as I know. No CRB checks are done either. Instead, at GMC paranoia of their own staff is sometimes projected to innocent doctors in the form of slander, gossip and destruction of livelihood. When good doctors do not work patients die.

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