Friday, March 27, 2009


It has been discovered recently that human groups have a tendency towards agreement between its members. When agreement is reached amongst members there is release of a neurotransmitter dopamine in the brains of group members which gives the sensation of pleasure. This feeling of satisfaction leads to behaviour to seek more of the same. Dopamine (chemical structure above left) release is caused by addictive substances such as various drugs, alcohol, nicotine but also behaviours such as eating food, gambling, spiritual experiences and having sex. Read :
So, if human tendency of members of a group is to tend towards agreement than if one puts a cat amongst pigeons they grow whiskers. This is what happens at GMC hearings. For example a "friend" of the person who brought allegations against me to GMC sat at the Fitness to Practice Panel and made the hearing biased. The same thing happened at Employment Tribunal where one of the members of the tribunal has known the defendant for at least fifteen years. At the first hearing one of the FTP (Fitness to Practice Panel) was also a religious fanatic who believed in all sorts of things for NHS patients including demons causing epilepsy and exorcism as a valid treatment option. Thus, there was probably more dopamine released at my hearing than at a party attended by cocaine addicts.
I found it impossible to knock any sense into any judges at appeals and the whole system appears just so corrupt and completely resistant to criticism. If members of Fitness to Practise Panel reccuse themselves from the hearing they do not get paid. What do they care about lives and justice when it is sweeter to get £300 or so per day. And if one criticises British Courts for religious bias one is not making a judge happy.
We do know also that religion and stress can release dopamine. Some people respond to stress by increased creativity.
Overall, even if there are genetic elements to release of dopamine (and therefore to addictions and religion) as far as I can see there is also something called choice and responsibility. There is no mystery why it has been missing for so long at General Medical Council. Quite simply, it has been more pleasurable for them to be irresponsible.

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