Saturday, March 28, 2009


So many Narcissi this season, but smell has been intoxicating only in our park, said GMC. General Medical Council (GMC), UK has been contaminated with Narcissi of forensic type. What I mean by that is that setting limits to narcissistic personalities is like provoking murder.

As narcissistic person ages body decays but contempt for one's own imperfections gets projected onto the physician. GMC is the perfect place where doctors can be tortured by narcissistic personalities (medical and lay). GMC does not test anyone for personality type as far as I know. But one day they will.

Doctors who perform well in NHS (National Health Service) or outside it can also become the subject of professional jealousy, and false allegations to General Medical Council are made by the offended medical souls. Innocent doctor can see his/her career completely destroyed by these narcissists. GMC itself is like an absolutist authority that wishes to command respect irrespective of its wrongdoing particularly when criticised. The formula followed by GMC is very simple when applied to doctors it wishes to discipline:

Authority=fear+respect . When doctor is pretty low on respect towards GMC, as I am (and this comes from personal experience of grossly impaired people who judged me: eg one who is into exorcism, believes demons cause epilepsy, prayed in front of his patient for her headache to go away etc etc. ) GMC agressively tries to install maximum dose of fear into the soul of "offending doctor". This is done through sanctions, suspensions, erasure, requests for unnecessary psychiatric examinations and other means. Thus, the organisation when criticised becomes narcissistic and maximally aggressive in order to defend its image. Yes, GMC Fitness to Practice Panel you have been so vain and if you cannot remember you have been told this before click here to hear me again: Religious bias has been well described in British courts elsewhere and applies to GMC too. Here is an article which links religious writing to narcissism:

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Don't know quite what to make of you, secular psych. Can you explain? (It's good that you've discovered paragraphs, though.)