Thursday, March 19, 2009


Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) failed to inform General Medical Council (GMC) that they were investigating a judge who was drunk in court two years previously. She worked as a Legal Assessor on a number of cases at GMC, Fitness to Practice hearings subsequently. It is said that one does not need to have a high level of intelligence to have a driving licence. We all know it is illegal to be drunk and drive. However, one can carry on as a judge, it would appear. Does SRA think that administration of UK law requires even less intelligence than the IQ required for driving a car? This is exactly what many members of legal profession must have suspected for a long time. The SRA failure to disclose important information in public interest is in sharp contrast to what GMC does to doctors with full approval of their lawyers. For example, GMC struck me off from the electronic register on their website the moment false allegations were made about me in 2004. Subsequently, I was forced by law to tell all prospective employers and agencies that there were allegations and investigations before GMC and this went on for years. GMC website publicised requests for mental health examinations only to withdraw it later. So we have one law for lawyers and another one for doctors, SRA would like us to believe. Even after GMC concluded I harmed no patients and I am not dangerous to public GMC put fifteen conditions on my practice to ensure I cannot work at all unless I agree to become a submissive individual with no mind of my own. As if fear for my livelihood would make me accept anything from GMC. One of the conditions of my registration is that I cannot work out of hours (9-5) . This means that should any lawyers require medical help from me after 5 p.m. I can just keep on walking away. Is that what good people meant when they told me: You'll go far in your career? One unfortunate lawyer died because of this. He was on his way to file bankruptcy proceedings against one of his clients (a doctor) for non payment of legal fees when he had a heart attack on the street right in front of me. I did not stop, I walked on. Once in Heaven he immediately complained about my medical negligence and his accommodation like one or two before him did. The Administrative Office in the Highest Court provided the usual answer; he could appeal but it would take many years before his appeal could be heard and there was no realistic prospect of it being successful as I was under no legal obligation to aid anyone. He protested but all his pleas fell on deaf ears except the Devil's. He said to the furious lawyer that he could help him but that some changes would be required to the Appeal Application Form. The lawyer asked what changes and the Devil said the venue would have to be changed to Hell. Why?- asked lawyer. We have all the judges there replied the Devil. The appeal was heard promptly and the lawyer got a transfer job to work as one of GMC solicitors. On his first day while walking to work he saw this scene in the park: It was Professor Bonny Bunny taking her morning exercise in GMC Park, playing a bit with a snake in the grass. The lawyer run as fast as he could into GMC building. He trembled as he walked through the security gates. Upstairs in GMC Office he felt like nibbling some comfort food, some chocolate, perhaps. But he could only think of Easter Chocolate Bunny and this thought made him feel almost ill. No, he could not take a sickie on his first day, he thought. On the other hand, perhaps a GMC medical expert witness could be trusted with a job to do anything at his request. A Paid Gun, an Expert Witness. Unable to resist this temptation he picked the telephone...

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