Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Barrister Strips after Biting Policeman, Professional Practice Not Priority When One Becomes a Christian

Barrister Ms Elizabeth Joseph defended nurses at Nursing and Midwifery Council. She had no time for professional practice since she became a Christian according to this article in Daily Mail: But did she tell her clients the same? And secondly, why would Ms Joseph bite a police officer when she could carry sacramental crisps in her handbag should she fancy a bite when stressed? Thirdly, Church has billions worth of property and they would gladly give her the lot should she become homeless. Lastly, even if she were very hungry no sacramental cacti (containing mescaline) should be consumed. In case there are any other barristers conteplating undressing and dancing they should know this is the standard expected of them and our Justice Minister agrees with me: Our ex-Home Secretary has undergone some retraining on Equality and Diversity and his professional performance has improved enormously, plus he looks so much better now. Well, done Jack. Click below to watch Jack perform. Be patient as music comes first and than our ex-Justice Minister makes his appearance:

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