Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inebriated General Medical Council Legal Assessor

Ms Esther Cunningham was Independent Legal Assessor in my case before General Medical Council . She was escorted from a court in Grantham (November 2006). She is a District Judge and at the time was inebriated and had forcibly kissed a solicitor. Daily Mail reported on page 12, March 17, 2009:
At my Appeal hearing in High Court General Medical Council barrister Mr Chamberlaine claimed that although Ms Esther Cunningham was suspended from her work it had nothing to do with my case. We all know it does have one thing in common: alcoholism. And we all know why General Medical Council is not into truth: all of their findings against me should have been quashed.
Ms Esther Cunningham was sent to General Medical Council by legal agency First Law who do not do any mental, or physical examination of judges they send to sit on Fitness to Practice Panels. General Medical Council do not do any of these checks either.
I wonder what it is some people have for breakfast before coming to work at GMC.
Where have all the testicles gone? See the world expert on testicle cookery who also organised world championship above. Could the famous Serbian chef, Ljubomir (means kiss peace) Erovic visit GMC to organise qualifying finale for the next world championship, please? Major balls import required too, in these difficult economic times. What do you think of double standards at our regulatory authorithies? Read this:
And in NHS Behind the Headlines:
Here is somebody moving away from a Piss Factory:
Lyrics to Piss Factory:

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