Friday, March 13, 2009

Letter to Remedial Supervisor

As my first session with GMC remedial supervisor went rather well I wrote to him: Hello Simon, not my friend, I'll come to talk to you again, Because of vision rather creepy Of famous GMC grafitti, A vision that says it all On their wall In a world of silence One of the conditions of my GMC registration is prohibition of work out of hours and being on call. The reason for it is to stop me from working completely as continuity of care is essential in private practise and this is exactly what GMC was told I planned to do. I was unemployed at the time of the hearing and had no desire to return to NHS where prejudices against locum doctors are common place. GMC has shown no interest what the consequences of this sanction of not working out of hours could be for patients or public. Recently two women died in my garden out of hours at approximately 00:15. They were walking on pavement when a car hit them. One was thrown with such force that she flew across my neighbour's garden and through the wooden fence into my garden and soon died. The second woman died on the foot path to my door. The blood stains are still visible three weeks later. I was asleep when the accident happened. If I was awake, legally, I would be under obligation not to help these women and just watch them die. GMC made no findings of fact that I ever harmed anyone but insisted I undergo performance assessment, physical and mental health examinations. All of those requests were completely unreasonable. I never had mental illness in my life nor were there any physical problems that would require examination. My professional performance was above average. I wonder what kind of doctor GMC panelists would like to have if they were hit by car and the nearest competent doctor is the one who has sanctions on her practice. Would GMC FTP prefer a doctor who is prepared to follow any rules made by them or would they prefer a doctor who would break them?Many of you may think that GMC would prefer me not to comply with the sanctions against my practice if their life was in danger out of hours, but the issue today is would I want to break the rules in their case.

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