Thursday, May 7, 2009


As a doctor who has not harmed any patients but offended the feelings of a catholic nun by pointing the obvious that uniforms of any sort are not worn in psychiatry I have been persecuted by GMC for almost ten years now. Patients who could have benefited from my help suffered and some died simply because I was not allowed to work unless I agree to any unreasonable request made by GMC such as unnecessary investigations of my body and mind as well as performance. Recently, I got written apology from one of the professors of psychiatry who said all I needed was a good fuck to sort me out. GMC refused to investigate although my complaint has been linked to a complaint about their expert witness who made false insinuations about my mental health and was his work collaborator. It took over twenty years to get an apology from the first one. GMC Fitness to Practice Panels continued to punish me and they still do. There is absolutely no concern whatsoever about public interest. There is some evidence that religious people have tendency towards lower intelligence according to some studies. Click on link below: Therefore, the most intelligent doctors would be at the mercy of the less intelligent religious fundamentalists employed by GMC to judge the doctors or acting as barristers.

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