Thursday, May 7, 2009


Watch here how GMC perceives atheists: I have been ordered by GMC to undergo anger management although I am a professional expert on anger management and recently reviewed a book on Anger Management for a psychiatric journal. No, GMC cannot cope with intelligence or free speech. Who wants to be a doctor and why?

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Anonymous said...

Good God Helen :)

Can I say "God" by the way without having a thunderbold attack me from GMC Towers?

I was shocked to see Finlay Scott on that video. Aren't his teeth rather large?

No, the GMC cannot tolerate intelligence. That is because they must be the most dimmest organisation this side of the planet.

To have a laugh - go off to and have a look at the recent outpouring from GMC Towers - particularly Big Ears Rubin.

Keep blogging - its lookin good.

Rita Pal