Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We know that human life should be more important than religion but it does not follow that all doctors would uphold these principles. Is it normal to be religious? How does the brain wiring and evolution lead to religiosity? Watch this psychiatrist explain: (it takes one hour),3779,Why-We-Believe-in-Gods---American-Atheists-09,Andy-Thomson At GMC as far as I know there is no screening to exclude magical thinking, presumably in the name of political correctness. I think, the major reason is fear that the whole system would collapse if we got to know each other. In fact, in healthy groups, the opposite happens. Dealing with issues that cause conflict is problem solving. GMC should have its own Development Plan to deal with religious right onslaught that is killing people in this country. I am receiving emails from agents repeatedly asking me if I could work as a locum offering more money than ever. Well, I cannot I tell them. They ask me if I know other people who can do the work instead. I do know but they do not want to work. There is unofficial strike, it appears to me. Nothing organised by anyone. Individuals have turned their back on those who have been silent while good doctors got trashed and bad prospered.

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