Saturday, May 16, 2009


GMC informed medical profession that doctors who are registered but without licence can still perform Good Samaritan Acts provided they are insured.
This is very ironic. In my case I am not allowed to work out of hours or on call. But I can perform Good Samaritan act if I am insured. And I am insured for that.
I wonder if anyone at GMC knows what Samaritan means. Probably not. Samaritans call themselves Shemerem which means Keepers of the law. So, GMC wants us to break the laws (conditions) they set up for us.
Indeed, it is our moral duty to break unreasonable laws. I always knew that.
But what about the incompetence?
Click on link below to watch this politically correct video on Good Samaritan. So GMC:

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Anonymous said...

So can doctors get MDU or MPS cover without a full license and does that cover extend to Good Samaritan Acts.

Excellent post Helen.