Saturday, August 1, 2009


I received an email from NHS advertising no less than nine consultant psychiatrist posts in a single NHS Trust with strong spiritual tradition (is it reference to Archbishop of Cantebury, or people in the trust, who knows?). Clinical Director is called Rosarii and a member of Human Resources is Ms Church. I am not making this up. Usually this number of consultant jobs available at the same time rings a lot of alarm bells but not church bells in this case. The Health Minister cannot hear anything but church bells, perhaps. I remember lasting only three days in that particular trust in the junior role of a staff grade psychiatrist although I am a consultant psychiatrist. The second day of my job Rosarii asked me about GMC and when told how it started with my objection to the wearing of religious uniforms by a social worker when working with mentally and the rest of the mobbing that followed, Rosarii said in her Irish accent: "Please, call me anytime if you want some support". The next day I was told that trust has recruited a staff grade doctor and I was no longer needed. Great job, Rosarii and the fact that you are looking for nine, presumably holy consultants has nothing to do with the difficulty trust has in retaining consultants, as Ms Church told me.
When most people have turned their back to prejudice and superstition NHS is still paying the heavy price for its religious policies. Watch these statistics on atheists:

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Amazing how so called scientists believe in delusion. Hasn't anyone told them that the evidence base for the existence of God is poor.