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Dr Thomas Allinson was struck off medical register by the General Medical Council in 1892 for his pamphlet which advocated exercises, less food, no alcohol and no tobacco at the time doctors prescribed cigars to clear the lungs! It has been said he was hundred years ahead of his time.
As I read his essay, I would say he was more than hundred years ahead of his time as he even thought women should be treated as equal to men. Even today GMC would rather disappear than accept women doctors as having equal authority to male doctors. Today, some GMC registered doctors put religion were cigars were in Dr Allinson's time. We have more and more superstition backed by authorities in the name of globalisation. Why could we not have Celebration of reason in the name of globalisation?
Dr Allinson founded the bread empire and died age 60 when average age at death was 43.
More than hundred years ago British Medical Journal wrote:
THE USE OF MEDICAL TITLES AFTER ERASURE FROM THE "REGISTER." The prosecution by the General Medical Council of Mr. Thomas Richard Allinson has been successful. We cannot conceive how it could have been otherwise. The result of the trial should stimulate the General Medical Council not only to institute proceedings in similar cases, but to obtain increased powers from the Legislature for dealing with what is a flagrant evil. Mr. Allinson held the title of L.R.C.P.Edin. His name was erased from the Medical Register by the General Medical Council, and he was deprived of his title by the College of Physicians of Edinburgh. He appealed from the decision of the General Medical Council both to the Queen's Bench Division and to the Court of Appeal, but failed on both occasions. Having done so, he continued to use the title, and for doing this he has been subjected by the magistrate
Well, I do know about the fury of establishment. I can just imagine how much they enjoyed reading that nicotine contained in a cigar could kill two men. Here is his company today (I do not know what he would think of the advertisement for his bread as he was a vegetarian) Dr Allinson was not deterred by General Medical Council when they struck him off. He wrote thirteen books and about one thousand articles on health and related matters. He continued to practice despite being struck off and had the largest medical practice in England.
In 1901 he was convicted under Obscene Publications Act because he believed women had the right to limit the size of their families.
During the first world war the value of his wholemeal bread was recognized and GMC offered to register him again (about twenty years after they struck him off) but he refused.

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Anonymous said...

Bread tastes great. You have got to hand it to Allinson, he makes one heck of a loaf.

His was the first definition of misconduct. I have the case law somewhere - we must put it up online to show what a bunch of tossbags the GMC have always been