Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Paedophilia is a criminal offence and sometimes the General Medical Council finds doctors guilty of this crime.
However, at the same time as prosecuting doctors for such offences the General Medical Council provides all sorts of religious books for doctors regardless of the fact that it is known that some of the authors of such texts were involved in under age sex.
Watch this cartoon book on Islam, for example:
Christians followed Roman civil law in setting the minimum age of betrothal at the completion of seven years. Some English records indicate it even occurred at the age of six in some aristocratic families. Isabella of France was only seven years old when she was married to Richard II but you would never guess that by looking at the painting of her marriage up on the left where she is portrayed as an old lady. Incredible propaganda!
In Judaism under age marriage was allowed if father approved.
In UK the number of Faith schools is in thousands, the numbers increased during this government and so did the incidence of under age pregnancies. UK has seven times worse teen pregnancy rate than South Korea (3 per thousand compared to 20 per thousand in UK). South Korea has 47% of the population declaring themselves not religious while officially in UK it's about 16%. There are over 170 religions in UK today. At the time when 50% of Christians stopped going to Church (last twenty years) the Royal College of Psychiatrist increased the presence of religion in the institution.
And here is more on under age sex from Bible:
I really do not see why religious books are necessary at the General Medical Council hearings.
Swearing on the Bible, watch this video:

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