Wednesday, August 5, 2009


If more people are eating healthily has not the time come to recognize that fact and stop killing animals? Thousands of tons of unsold meat are turned into electricity eg by Tesco supermarket:
This makes the organisations which abuse human rights like the General Medical Council even more gruesome if one imagines the rooms where disciplinary hearings take place lighted by this form of electricity. Worse than horror films, I have seen.
What about all the nice places which are lighted in this way too? Concert halls? Galleries?
Tesco, please, cut down your order book.
I would think that more people are turning to healthy eating avoiding red meat and that suppliers have not turned their imagination to that fact. Why not give grants to farmers to produce wonderful vegetarian food? They could do it and suffer less distress in the process too. I wonder what it is like to be a farmer. Could be one of the most depressing jobs or great jobs depending on the ability to adapt.

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