Saturday, December 5, 2009

Less religious, more happy

The research by Gregory Paul published in Evolutionary Psychology Journal established that the happiest societies are those who have the least amount of religion.
He showed that dysfunctional and poor countries turn to religion in the way that prosperous do not.
I have certainly seen increase in religiosity in former Yugoslavia during the recent civil war which started as a response to economic and political crises. It has not gone yet but neither has the poverty for many people.
On one of the flights to Belgrade I spoke with a representative of a religious organisation. She was on the religious hunt under the pretex of organising bussiness conferences. Some people would be keen to learn how to do things better economically only to find themselves on the religious sale patch of turf.
Click on the the title of this article if you wish to read Gregory Paul Article.
Here is Archbishop Nichols offering to increase the income of the church:

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Nikita said...

I was brought up in a very religious, but not an oppressive household. I never did believe in God and my parents accepted this just prior to my onfirmation - which did not happen.

My belief is and was is as that man and womankind appear almost 'naturally' look down on a particular race, creed, etc., to see themselves as better, and at the same time,in times of great duress they seek the protction of 'God'

I do so hope that God exists so as to enable my parents to reside in Heaven. But I fear he does not.

But so much evil is carried out in the world in the name of God, I fear that he does.