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It is thought that the origin of the current western culture is not so much in Greece as much in what is now Israel. One philosopher Nietzsche argued that Master-Moralists Romans took over what is now Israel, sacked Jerusalem expelled Jews and the remaining lot of poor Jews became "slaves". Christianity was invented by these people to value the weak, and the slaves.
Christian God is the judge who blesses the weak and punishes the strong. When? Well, never is the answer if you accept that God does not exist.
The Slave Morality has been brought into medical institutions such as the General Medical Council and the Royal Colleges where Christian doctors are given the power to judge those doctors who, paradoxically, have spoken out to for the weak: their patients and the public. Therefore, if a doctor is strong enough to speak up this doctor has to be punished according to Slave Morality logic.
Christian morality is about good and evil and one of the the General Medical Council Fitness to Practice Panellists wrote an essay with such dichotomy expressed. In other words, there is complete denial of human nastiness and therefore, this cannot be recognized and judged. Malicious persecutors and mobbers are allowed to practice medicine, earn their fortunes and sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" if they so please. THose who bully are the truly weak ones.
It has been argued by many humanists that one does not need God to form Slave Morality. Certainly, there is evidence for that in abundance. We do know that personal desire for power can do that as well as personal experience and reasoning.
St Thomas Aquinas believed that those who have no faith are not in fellowship with God and lack life purpose. Thus a person who deviates from this telos (purpose, Aristotel's notion) is considered bad/evil/sinful.
In practice, doctors who are atheists are judged in UK by the religious lot and find themselves guilty before they start to present their evidence at the Fitness to Practice hearings. It happened to me.
Some like panelist Dr Gwen Adshead, Consultant Psychiatrist never declared their conflict of interests to the General Medical Council such as the belonging to the Spiritual Special Interest Group at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (according to the GMC records).
Others like Dr Andrew Fergusson were allowed to take themselves off the medical register and not face any disciplinary procedures for their attitudinal problems such as supporting the Catholic church and not the men who were raped by the clergy by dismissing the importance of not wearing religious uniforms when working with mentally ill people.
One of the consequences of being raped as a child is not having trust in the authority figures.
Patients who have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder secondary to rape by clergy need to have trust in professionals in order to give history of what happened to them. Doctors are not mind readers. They need history to take the necessary steps towards diagnosis.
At the General Medical Council, it is Catholic Church that has been given priority not patients, in my case before them in 2003.
Dr Gwen Adshead, the GMC panelist, wrote that in all forms of child abuse it is parents who are the offenders. This is not the case. Keeping up to date is the requirement for the continuous registration with the General Medical Council, but some doctors do not want to recognize the unpleasant truths such as the abuse by Catholic clergy or other clergy or the fact that many Catholic priests have left the church in disgust.
It is easier for some GMC panelists to take the money from the General Medical Council than accept one has been so wrong for so long. I think the General Medical Council should recover their money from such offenders who have abused their trust. Why should other doctors pay increased fees year on year?
Here is the famous chorus:
It is very moving music.
This is what they are singing:
Fly, thought, on wings of gold,
go settle upon the slopes
and the hillswhere the sweet airs
of our native soil smell soft and mild!
Greet the banks of the river Jordan
and Zion's tumbled towers.
Oh, my country, so lovely and lost!
Oh remembrance so dear yet unhappy!
Golden harp of the prophetic wise men,
why hang so silently from the willows?
Rekindle the memories in our hearts,
tell us about the times gone by!
Remembering the fate of Jerusalem
play us a sad lamentor
else be inspired by the Lord
to fortify us to endure our suffering!

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