Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Picnic: Yes, Mass: No

National Secular Society reported recently about forthcoming Papal visit: "Ordinary, working class, educated, 'aware' Catholics are boycotting the event (papal visit) in their tens of thousands. (In one parish in Fife the priest put up two notices: one for the parish picnic, the other for the Papal Mass. 129 names went up for the picnic, 6 for the Papal Mass.)"
This is in sharp contrast to British Medical Regulation where the feelings and wishes of the religious come first and the needs of the patients second. 11 years (in November) after I raised the issue of wearing of religious uniforms when working with mentally ill, all relevant British medical institutions have been unable to do what is right for the patients and remained silent, heavily loaded with not basket cases but religious doctors on ethical and regulatory bodies. They are not easy to spot as they do not carry picnic baskets to work nor do they declare their conflict of interests. They just tuck in invisible matters, I guess, to get some relief regarding their own inevitable mortality.
Religious indoctrination of children from early on in life may explain something, but upbringing can be only a very partial explanation. Those of us who have stood up for what is right have been systematically persecuted, defamed and punished for telling the truth. The last Health Secretary did not even wish to even hear it (paper on whistleblowing) and refused to meet with me and the patients' groups. He was schooled in Catholic school but never grew out of it when it came to patients' rights. He lost his position in election. Conservatives and Liberal Democrats met with us and they won.
It is now estimated that one million men or so have been raped as children by clergy all over the world.
Meanwhile, British medical regulator has failed to remove Phallic God from a secret niche (see picture on the right above) to which it bows repeatedly. Malicious communications from male medical directors are treated as truth, not investigated properly and women doctors, in particular, labelled as basket cases. In 2007 twice as many women doctors were declared mentally ill compared to male doctors by the British regulatory body which also employed religious psychiatrists to eliminate those who were a bit more keen on evidence.

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