Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Antonio Federici had yet another of their advertisements banned by English Advertising Standards Authority, presumably due to the fact that during Blair years many religious people were given posts in institutions to spread the Gospel. There is an excellent article on Ethics and Religion by South Place Journal about how religious people are drawn to the subject of ethics.
The last Federici add. which has been banned simply claimed: " immaculately conceived" and "ice cream is our religion". Yes, it is very offensive to have to think about oneself and why one holds certain beliefs about ice cream or religion.
Uniforms, per se can be construed as an advertisement for the organisation too. So why is then that religious uniforms have been allowed in England to be worn contrary to Human Rights Laws when working with mentally ill some of whom have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the clergy. Why ASA does not ban that?
Well, all the reasons for this kind of opression are purely psychological and have nothing to do with law.
The idea of a nun still appeals to some people in all sorts of ways and there is no such thing as thought police to eliminate creative thinking yet.
Italians must be having a smile thinking of England while licking their ice cream.
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小玲 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Paddy Mac said...

From the title, I was hoping it was 'Attention Deficit Disorder' banned. Now that would be good news.