Monday, December 13, 2010

Men wearing make up by Dr Helen Bright

Men wearing make up look sexy and cool, but in some countries this leads to arrest and persecution. Seven men were recently arrested in Sudan for taking part in a fashion show wearing make up. They were all fined, including the woman who was their make up artist. There is also a possibility of additional 40 lashes each. Men have worn make up for thousands of years. The earliest historical evidence is probably Egyptian around 3500BC. The purpose of wearing make up was not just aesthetic. Some make up was believed to contain medicinal properties. Eye make up for men was of different types. Some was thought to act as aphrodisiac and black was thought to deflect the "evil eye". Make up was worn by adult men and children and every day not just for special ceremonies. It is women who copied men later on and started wearing make up themselves. Some of Egyptian ancient make up survives today in the form of Kohl eye make up. Today there is a lot of make up to choose from. Men take care of themselves more than before and why not. In countries like Sudan one may have to protect one's make up with a gun, it seems. It is enjoyable to give pleasure to oneself and others as one does by wearing tastefully applied make up. This is exactly what religious authorities tend to object to: human happiness. Religions feeds on misery of human beings and not prosperity and happiness. And it loves dividing the sexes in order to rule.

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