Monday, December 27, 2010


Following years of religious privileges at the General Medical Council, UK, and the persecutions of the innocent doctors by the religious left, now the General Medical Council has put a Bible on its website in the section on helping the witnesses. Now click here to watch Mr George Carlin on the subject of Stop Swearing on the Bible The rise of the religious fundamentalism has been noted in the last ten years in the world and so has the deterioration in human rights. At the General Medical Council doctors run the risk of being declared mad simply for being critical of some religious practice or local NHS small lords while doing this in the interest of the patients. Women are more at risk than men of being declared mad but this is to be expected from a sexist organization which would employ people who applaud their own narcissistic image. Most religions are patriarchal and asserting religious supremacy as the General Medical Council has done now has a number of political motives, one of which is to sabotage the reforms that the new government wants to make to this notoriously poorly performing body in the eyes of those who have experienced that dark side of controlling the freedom of thought by the state organs. Discrimination against freethinkers/atheists is rife in medical profession and having the Bible and other religious texts for witnesses opens witnesses just to that discrimination. A bit like declaring one is a homosexual to homophobes. So the whole thing is really not just silly but actually nasty.

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